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Poetry Expressed is the on-line Magazine voice of Poetry Express Berkeley.

Poetry Express Berkeley is a 18 year-old venue meeting every Monday night with featured poets and lots of open mic time.

More info at http://poetryexpressberkeley.blogspot.com/

Magazine published  approximately mid-March of each year.

This Magazine has featured the selected works of participants of our Poetry Express readings plus selected works submitted from the larger universe.
Please follow the below instructions:
1)      All submissions will be read blind of authorship. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER on your submission of ONE POEM per author. Send your poem as a .doc or a .docx or a pdf, of a .txt file. We will not read other formats.

2)      DO PUT A UNIQUE ID ON YOUR SUBMISSION. That can be the poem title, or your car license number, something which will allow us to go from the poem to our database and identify authorship after the editors have finished selecting work.

3)      ON YOUR email of the poem to us, on one line with nothing else on it, in the text of the email, put your name and the above unique ID as in item 2 above. Do not paste the poem into the email as part of the body of the email, attach the poem as an attachment. We do not have the time to reformat your work.

Submission period: January 1,  through end of day, January 31 NOTE THAT WORK SUBMITTED BETWEEN READING PERIODS WILL SIT IN OUR INBOX.
Editors reading period February .
Publication on-line mid-March 

POETS will be READING their work from the mag, AFTER COVID19 problems abate, at Poetry Express Berkeley, Himalayan Flavors back room, 1585 University Ave, Berkeley, CA.

Where to submit: email to poetryexpressedmagazine@gmail.com
Please MAKE SUBJECT LINE the single word Submission so that we can filter out all the spam.

Your submission grants Poetry Expressed the right to publish your submitted work to https://www.poetryexpressed.com/ as well as a possible one-time paper magazine format. If you wish to withdraw your work please do so prior to February 28,  by emailing us as above.

Work will be selected by either the Poetry Express hosts or a designated other established poet or poets. The volume of submissions will determine how selective the process may be. Our intention is a good representation of the many brilliant and varied voices of our venue.

Thank you for a great year.
The Poetry Express Hosts:  Jim Barnard, Elaine Brown, Bruce Bagnell, Gary Turchin.

Simultaneous submissions and prior published works may be submitted.

By submitting work to this magazine you acknowledge and agree to the following:
1) You will submit to us only once per issue and your submission of any length will be five or fewer poems.
2) We will be slow to respond and acceptance will be a 2-stage process.
3) If the Editor liked your submission he(r) will notify you that you are under consideration.
4) Poems under consideration will be further considered by all 4 judges and you will not know acceptance until the end of the year,
5) If your poem is selected, you give us permission now, at time of submission, to publish it unless you specifically withdraw the poem before our publication deadline (end of February, 2020).
6) There is no compensation for your work.
7) If your work is accepted, you will supply a short bio and picture which may or may not be published.

Edited by Bruce Bagnell in the spaces between other windstorms..

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