Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Vol 4, Spring, 2019 Poetry Expressed Magazine,

Welcome to Poetry Expressed Magazine, Vol 4, Spring, 2019.
The authors and Poems below find their way onto the page in random order.

Editor’s note: This was a fun issue to put together (but I apologize in advance for omissions and mistakes).

I hope you spend the time to read all of these interesting , engaging works. Some are funny. enjoys. bb.
Contents (in random order of work, scroll down to find work)

D. Jayne McPherson
43 theories of reality
Gary Turchin
A Phone Conversation with Julia Vinograd
Bruce Isaacson
A Trip Around San Antonio Valley
Britt Peter
City Boy
Yarko Sochynsky
Clausen House 
Adele Mendelson
Doll Factory
Zephir O'Meara
Don’t Mistake Her
Florence Elon
Eternal Impermanence
Chris Dupuy
Ladder (3)
Grace Marie Grafton
Old Cars are the King of the Road Again
John (Jake) Cosmos
God’s Little Practical Joke
Jan Steckel
Carol Criss
Gray Rosado
Hypothetical Reality
Chris Chandler
i captured an asteroid
David Zeltzer
The Nest of Love
Indunil Madhusankha
IV Stars
Tureeda Mikell Story Medicine Woman
Jazz Play
Jean Biegun
Leaf Song
D. Leah Steinberg
Juan Sequeira
I Make Love to the World
Clive Matson
New Blues
Mimi Gonzalez-Barillas
Your Eye on a Small Elusive Detail
Marty Williams
Sharon Metzler-Dow
Nuts In Charge
Garrett Murphy
On This Shortest Day-Solstice
Kelliane Parker
Past and Present
Lori Lynne Armstrong
October 2018
elana levy
As The World Splits Open
Andrena Zawinski
John Rowe
The Purpose of Life
Richard Loranger
Bruce Fessenden
Sharing a Room
Jack O’Neill
Jeannette DesBoine
Some Ways to Become a Bird Watcher
Dan O’Connell
What Everyone Believes
Dale Jensen
Supraclavicular fossa
Riss Rosado
The Life I Want to Be Living,
Cathy Cade
The Yellow Vest
Dee Allen
Their Carpets Speak for Them
Jan Dederick
There Comes a Time…
Marilyn Flower
Tightrope Walker
Chris Warren Smith
Saswati Das
The Tumbleweed’s Dance
Jim Barnard
On Returning Phebe’s 100-years Overdue Library Book
Judy Wells
What If Duane Allman?
Larry Beresford
What She Doesn’t Know
Dorty Nowak
Why shouldn’t she go today?
Melissa Hobbs
Where I Come From
Barbara Saunders 2019

A Driving Issue
Deborah Fruchey